Tim Malone MCSE Camarillo CA tim@3tcm.net (818) 257-0513


Programmer / Analyst 1990 to 1995

Price Books and Forms, a small family-owned publishing company in Azusa CA


2 servers managed & maintained:

1. IBM AS/400 B10

2. Novell Netware 3.12


About 20 workstations supported:

All Windows 3.1 and DOS 6.22


Networking and misc hardware supported:

1.     Token Ring MAU

2.     Client access from PCs to AS/400


Software supported:

1.     WordPerfect later transitioned to MS Office

2.     Ashton-Tate dBASE III+

3.     Nantucket (later CA) Clipper 5.2

4.     Microsoft Visual Basic

5.     DMAS on AS/4000


This is part of the online resume of Tim Malone, MCSE found at: http://3tcm.net or https://3tcm.com