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?span style='font-family:"arial",sans-serif;color:red'>over 30 years of managed expertise in computer technology?? index?????

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director of training at softeam


jan 85 to jun 86 - director of training / editor - softeam distribution compton ca.?hired to help solve a training problem at this fast-growing software telemarketing company.?designed and implemented a three-point training curriculum consisting of technical training classes which i conducted, vendor training classes which i administered and sales training classes which i arranged.?created the softeam journal, a computer industry newspaper promoting my employer.?this helped the company gain publicity and contributed to it being purchased by ingram micro in january of 1986.


i worked at softeam from january of 1985 to june of 1986.?my title when i was hired was director of training.?my boss was bob shumate.?my title when i left was editor of the ingram journal.?softeam was a software distribution company.?the president of the company was mark vidovich.?the chief financial officer was dennis marquardt.?some of the people i worked with were libby weigand who later became my boss at kenfil.?her cousin in law, doug weigand worked there as one of the outside sales managers.?i also remember dani gaskill, her husband norman who was the warehouse manager and her brother, roland.?corrine day was another of the top salespeople.?everybody i?e mentioned so far also ended up working for kenfil after softeam was bought out by ingram.?there was also charlie seiler, who worked in purchasing at softeam and became the purchasing manager at kenfil.?charlie went on to softsel/merisel and became the director of their commodity desk buying and selling computer chips.?jeff swanson was another of the top salespeople i remember.?he and bob shumate and mark vidovich had worked at pacific stereo before joining softeam.?bob was with pacific stereo for ten years as a district manager and worked for mattel before that.


bob and jeff had me teach them a class to make sure that i could teach before i got the job.?i could see that bob and jeff were impressed.?i was in charge of training a bunch of neophyte salespeople who knew very little about computers and help them understand the products there were selling, especially all the different disk formats and operating systems.?i helped setup weekly training meetings for about six months before i became the editor of the softeam journal.?sharon seto took my place as the director of training.?she married the head of the testing labs, who i actually interviewed with first.?he had placed a job in the la times for a software tester and i responded.?he said i was overqualified but introduced me to bob who was looking for a director of training.


i worked with nancy solorzano, the director of marketing when i started the softeam journal.?she sold the ads for the paper and we split the commission.?some months it brought in an extra $2,000 above and beyond my $3,000 salary, which was a good salary in those days.?i also got spiffs when i was arranging the internal vendor training for the sales staff.?actually, i conducted three kinds of training 1) technical, which i conducted, 2) product, which i arranged with the vendors at lunchtime at least three times a week, and 3) sales training, which involved videos and audio training courses as well as an in-house sales seminar or two.?i seem to recall helping arrange some off-site vendor training meetings as well.


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jumping ahead, bob and nancy ended up working together at a software database development language company called clarion out of pompano beach, florida after they left kenfil.?bob was the president and nancy was the vice president of marketing and vendor relations or something like that.?clarion went out of business and its assets were acquired by topspeed.?it is now sold by a company called softvelocity but bob doesn? work for them anymore.?bob hired me at two different companies and had a major impact in my life because of his good people-oriented management style.?bob is now a realtor in indianapolis, in.?his web page is http://www.indianapolisinmls.com.? mark vidovich is currently the president of the american fly fishing trade association (affta).


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after a few months as the director of training, i proposed the creation of the softeam journal, a monthly tabloid-sized publication to be distributed to computer software resellers.?it was accepted by bob and mark and quickly became a key part of attracting investor attention for softeam, which was bought out by ingram software late in 1985.?each month, i would fly to various software companies, interview the presidents or founders or whomever i thought would make for an interesting story.?i took chuck sloan with me as the photographer and recorded our interviews.?chuck had experience publishing a newspaper for the rams football team through a connection with his dad who was a sportswriter.?chuck later went on to publish his own newspaper for the inland empire for several years based on the success we put together with the softeam journal.?i enjoyed doing the interviews, writing the stories and helping chuck put the paper together.?i especially enjoyed arranging the printing, going on press checks and basically overseeing all the operations.


after ingram software (formally software distribution services out of buffalo ny) bought out softeam, we were autonomous for a few months.?then it became clear that they were going to shut down the california location.?they flew my wife and i back to buffalo to look at houses, but we didn? like what we saw so i decided to go to work for chuck and ross clark at computer technology, a local computer store in claremont.?looking back at it now, i know the lord helped us make the right decision.?moving to buffalo would not have been a good thing.?ingram software closed their buffalo location a year or two later as they acquired micro d in santa ana.?the corporate headquarters of the largest software company in the world then became orange county and is to this day.


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i was recruited by ingram when it was micro d and made a mistake by turning them down.?they wanted to put together a newspaper like i had put together.?chuck picked up on the offer and worked with them for several years helping them produce their newspaper.?i wonder what my career would have been like if i had gone to work for ingram micro way back in 1986.?i tried for years to get hired on there later but without any success.?chuck? current claim to fame is that he served a one-year term on the board of directors for the screen actor? guild.?he was appointed to the position after steve allen died in nov of 2000.?chuck always was an aspiring actor and has done quite a few commercials and guest roles on various tv shows.?he now runs his own tax business for actors.

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mark and dennis went on to work for day runner, inc.?mark was the chairman and dennis was the cfo.?i see another name associated with day runner that i used to know at softeam ?john kirkland, who was the computer guy, is the vp of operations at day runner.

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here? some information on the guy i first interviewed with, steve nemzer:??/span>steve nemzer, vice president, veritest services, lionbridge technologies.?one of the pioneers of outsourced testing, steve nemzer co-founded veritest in 1987 to provide services to market-leading platform and component makers. his first client in the new venture was intel, for whom he helped test the 386 microprocessor and 387 math co-processor. during the last 11 years, he has led veritest to prominence as the premier test lab for both hardware and software developers. prior to his tenure at veritest, steve was employed for five years by entrepreneur george tate in connection with a number of business ventures: developer ashton-tate (makers of dbase), and aggregator softeam (acquired by ingram/microd). he is a graduate of the university of california, santa barbara.?span style='mso-spacerun:yes'>?i believe i remember hearing that steve married sharon seto, one of his assistants.?sharon had taken over for me in the training area when i moved into marketing by editing the softeam journal.?steve left veritest after 13 years and is now a partner in partnerstream.

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more on softeam from ingram micro? web page:?ingram micro, inc. is the result of a 1989 merger between ingram computer and micro d. ingram computer began as software distribution services (sds), founded in buffalo, new york. in the spring of 1985, ingram distribution group, a unit of the multifaceted ingram industries, acquired sds and renamed it ingram software. in december 1985, ingram software acquired softeam, a distributor based in compton, california. the combined operations were named ingram computer in 1988. micro d was founded in july 1979 in santa ana, california. ingram computer began acquiring micro d stock in 1986 and had purchased all shares of the company by 1989. the new company, ingram micro d, then renamed ingram micro, inc. gained market share rapidly. this successful merger produced the industry's first billion-dollar wholesale distribution company, foreshadowing their success today.


i seem to recall that jeff swanson moved on to join a company that george? tate? partner wayne ratliff founded up in lake tahoe or was it migent with carl gritzmaker? softeam? early history had a lot to do with george and jill tate, hal lashlee, software plus, discount software, dbase ii, wayne ratliff.?george tate died in 1985 at age 40.?i have also read that he died in aug of 84 and aug 10, 1983.?his wife, jill tate, inherited his part-ownership of softeam.


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other names: corinne day, account exec; don barnes, ap clerk; marinna lipana, personnel assistant; jim strauss, sales manager; steve van syoc, mis; jannet benz, hr manager; tom cipolla, inside sales mgr; pam roberts, purchasing; salespeople: wes inomoto, mark przybylski, sharon weitz, jim hresko, jim strauss, john mitchell, don davis, chris knutson, michael allen, rick distefano, kathy burns, mark andrews, walter wagner, duke ostendorf, regional sales; mary gonzales, customer service; elizabeth wright, executive secretary, darrell miller, vertical sales; john kirtland, general manager operations; tom reese, regional sales manager; shelly davis, purchasing; steve ediger, new products manager; sandy brunner, marketing;


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ingram purchased 51% of micro d in jan 1986 from lorraine mecca, founder of micro d.?jordan levy went on to be a vice president at software etc for a few years then started his own consulting and investment management business called seed capital partners with ron schriber, also one of the founders of software distribution services in buffalo.


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