harold refuses a project


situation:?our helpdesk workload was growing.?while everyone on the team fielded helpdesk calls, the majority of those break fixes went to harold.?at one point he was feeling so inundated and overwhelmed by the number of calls that he was coming in at 3:30 am just to get a handle on them.?he didn? even have time to complete his paperwork to report on the solutions that he put into place for each call.?it got to the point where we decided as a team to implement help desk software.?i researched and decided upon helpbox because we already used their asset package.

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problem: harold refused to accept the helpdesk software project i assigned to him in a staff meeting. i figured harold would be the best person to install, setup and train us on the helpdesk software because he would be the one to use it the most.?however, he quickly pointed out that there was no way he could take on an assignment like that and still give the users the attention they demanded.?he reminded me of how overworked he already was and said that if the new management team didn? like it, they could talk to him about it directly.?he seemed upset.

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action: i defused the situation by going on to the next subject and discussing it with him after the staff meeting.?i also made it a point to come in and speak to him early the next morning before our workday became too hectic.?i listened closely to what he had to say and made sure he knew that i understood his position.?i also let him know that i appreciated his candidness and that his observation that he was already over-tasked would not reflect unfavorably on him.

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results: harold was able to adequately defend and even justify his refusal to take on the new project.?he convinced me that his position was justified and i was able to convey this to upper management.?it took courage for harold to stand up to all the recent unreasonable demands that were being placed on us by outside management.?his message was heard loud and clear and i was able to broker a time extension for us to complete the numerous projects we had been given.


ten skills that i demonstrated in this situation:


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1. tact ?i did not take it personally when harold refused my direct assignment.?had i suspected that he would do so in the staff meeting i would have approached him one-on-one.?i was tactful in not allowing the situation to dominate an otherwise successful staff meeting.

2. diplomacy ?a staff meeting is not the place to have a discussion that was fast becoming heated.?although i felt strongly about what had just happened, i tabled it until a later time.

3. sensitivity ?i demonstrated sensitivity to harold? feelings as he expressed them in words.?his point was not lost.?i understood right away what the problem was and acknowledged it.

4. listening ?i listened closely to harold as he explained how overworked he was and did not react negatively as it was obvious he was becoming more and more upset as he talked about it.

5. judgment ?i had to make a judgment on the spot whether to pursue the matter and insist on it being done my way.?i exercised good judgment and defused the situation by my action.

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6. management ?it was my job to delegate tasks, which i did, but a good manager does not overload his staff with unreasonable demands.?i managed the situation correctly and rescinded.

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7. leadership ?i could have insisted that harold take the project on in spite of his objections.?that would have been the wrong thing to do.?i demonstrated leadership in taking the task back.

8. flexibility ?i decided to install and test the software myself and show harold how little time it would really take.?unfortunately, i was let go before i could fully implement this plan.

9. communication ?i demonstrated that communication is a two-way street.?harold had a very valid point because he was closer to the situation than i was.?good communication resulted.

10. trust ?although implementing the helpdesk software would have met one the objectives of the new management, i trusted harold? judgment and defended his actions as the right course.

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