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situation: in january of 2001 i was interviewing for my most recent position at condor dc power supplies in oxnard, ca.?i was happy in my previous position but had been contacted by a recruiter who convinced me to go interview with this company, even though they were an hour and a half from my home in san dimas, ca.?i was told that they needed help with a new project and specifically needed the macola skill-set i had been using daily in my last position at carson.


problem: the interviewer, who was to be my supervisor, was inexperienced at interviewing.?he seemed nervous and unable to ask what i thought were basic and key interview questions.?this created a difficult situation because i was not being given an opportunity to present myself in the best light.?i knew that if he didn? have a good interview experience that he would remember how uncomfortable he felt when it came time to evaluate me in comparison to other candidates.

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action: i turned the situation around by interviewing him.?i was experienced at interviewing, having been on both sides of the table many times before.?i am very comfortable with the process of interviewing and know what it takes to conduct a good interview.?this experience was gained in hiring people at previous companies as well as in my church where i serve as a volunteer leader and have conducted many interviews for various positions over the years.


response: i could tell that john was ok with me taking over and we had a great interview.?i know he appreciated my leadership in this situation because he relaxed and we were able to share much information back and forth that helped us both formulate favorable opinions about each other and the work that needed to be done in the position for which i was interviewing.?not only did i get the job, but i got a job that didn? even exist.?condor combined two positions for me.


ten skills that i demonstrated in this situation:


1. leadership ?this shows that i have the ability to take charge of a problem situation.

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2. rapport ?i know how to establish rapport with an individual who is uncomfortable.

3. helpfulness ?even though john was a good engineer, he needed help in interviewing.

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4. kindness & compassion ?it was advantageous to both of us for me to step in and help.?it would have been cruel to leave him twisting like that and done neither of us any good.

5. relationship building ?john not only became my boss, but became a good friend to this day.

6. respect ?i honored john as a good engineer, even though he is not the best communicator.

7. initiative ?it? not standard protocol to take charge of an interview, but it needed to be done.?this demonstrates that i have initiative to do things on my own that will benefit the company.

8. decisiveness ?i had to take action quickly before things got out of hand.?i acted without hesitation because i knew it was the right thing to do in this situation.

9. risk taking ?it was a little risky to take over like that but i knew i could handle it.?the results were favorable as i knew they would be based on past experience.

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10. communication ?interviewing is a basic communication skill i have developed over the years.?it takes preparation and practice to make it a productive and beneficial experience.


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