getting fired at condor


situation: after 3 ?years at my most recent employer, the signs were becoming obvious that i was about to be let go.?in spite of good feedback about my job performance every month, i could tell i was about to be replaced by one of the employees i had hired, whose salary was 35% less than mine.?he was being called into meetings with my manager and with other department managers without me being informed of the purpose of those meetings.?he was also being given assignments that ordinarily would have gone to me without any explanation from executive management as to why they had bypassed my authority.


problem: i was fired and not given an adequate explanation as to why i was let go.?to this day, i still don? feel that i have received a satisfactory explanation.?the difficulty of this problem was that the president was simply following orders.?i know he was in fear of his own job and was doing everything he could to appease the new management team that had recently taken over.?he had already lost some of his authority and had some departments taken away from him.?he had been reduced to a figurehead position and was no longer in control of the company.

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action: i took the news gracefully and professionally and did not make it any more difficult for the president than it already was.?even though i was being fired, i felt a little sorry for him because i knew that he would have to continue to work in a very uncertain situation.?at least i knew now where i stood.?i accepted his explanation that my services were no longer needed and did not press as to what the ?eal?reason was.?other managers had also recently been let go and it was obvious that the new company leadership was cleaning house and reducing expenses.


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response: he thanked me for my professionalism and for my services over the past 3 ?years.?i could tell that he was relieved that i did not make it into a combative or confrontational situation.?i then went and congratulated my replacement whom i had trained on his promotion and briefly discussed the transition process.?i was given six weeks to wrap things up and 30 days severance pay after that.?it was a generous and compassionate employee termination, re-confirming my belief that it was not performance related, but simply a part of normal business ?cutting costs.

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ten skills that i demonstrated in this situation:


1. grace ?i did not become emotional or upset but maintained a professional attitude throughout the process.?it would not have done any good to make it unpleasant for anybody involved.

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2. professionalism ?this was a very difficult situation and i handled it in a very professional manner.?i have had to let people go and i know how traumatic it can be.?i handled it well.

3. civility ?i treated sal with respect, even though it was a strained and tense situation.

4. courage ?i went forward with my life not having a job lined up to be able to provide for the security of my family.?i was not planning on leaving and was facing an uncertain future.

5. integrity ?i accepted being dismissed without having to suffer any doubts about my past performance.?i knew i had done well all i was hired to do and all i was given authority to do.

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6. gratitude ?i thanked sal and went out of my way to thank both my previous managers for the years we had worked together and for the growth and profitability we had achieved together.

7. strength ?i did not succumb to self-doubts or beat myself up over having been laid off.?i immediately began the process of securing new employment while i had a financial cushion.

8. optimism ?i had been through a lay-off before.?i knew what to expect and knew i would find another job again.?i knew i had marketable skills and a wealth of experience that would find a new home soon.

9. discipline ?the job search process takes discipline.?it takes hours of dedicated effort each day.?i was and am confident that i know how to work hard and will be successful in securing employment.

10. confidence ?in spite of uncertainty brought on by this unexpected turn of events in my life, i was and still am confident that i would learn and grow from the process of re-focusing my life in a new direction.

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