tim malone, mcse?camarillo, ca?(818) 257-0513????????? tim@3tcm.net

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information systems manager?????????????? feb 01 to aug 04

condor dc power supplies, a $45m electronics manufacturer in oxnard, ca


link to technical addendum with specific hardware and software supported at condor.


link to 2003 annual performance review?in pdf format (see excerpt below)

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  • hired, managed and trained the staff of the information systems department
  • infrastructure consisted of 25+ servers, large lan and wan to mexicali plant
  • environment included both microsoft and linux servers with 180 workstations
  • created department budget, set and directed department goals and projects
  • converted company from alphamicro mrp to qad mfg/pro erp system
  • wrote hundreds of crystal reports to meet company reporting requirements
  • provided technological leadership giving a business advantage to the enterprise
  • implemented voice over ip telecom system resulting in large savings to company
  • deployed terminal servers to conserve bandwidth and improve productivity
  • rolled out anti-spam and anti-virus solutions to protect company is assets
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my most recent position was with condor dc power supplies inc located in oxnard, ca.?my title was the information systems manager.?i managed a staff of four ?a network engineer, a desktop support specialist, a programmer and a temp doing workstation upgrades and data migration.?in august of 2003 we purchased mfg/pro eb2, a new erp system from qad which is written in and runs under progress 9.1d.?it was nearly a million dollar project.?i spent the majority of my time each day supporting this system.?i maintained menu, user and group security, modify menus, write and execute custom reports in progress and in general, keep the system optimized.?i also supervised and directed the support activities of the it staff.

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i wrote in crystal 7 when i first came to condor.?we upgraded to crystal 8.5 but did not use the web reporting functions of crystal enterprise.?i preferred creating compiled reports and linking to them from web pages.?we purchased crystal reports 10 in january 2004 and evaluated the process of converting to crystal enterprise for report delivery.?it? a level of complexity that makes it much slower to produce and deliver reports but adds the security needed for confidential financial reports.?we decided against it because of the huge increase in licensing costs.

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after a long and laborious process, i received the recognition award pictured here for my contributions to the successful mfg/pro installation ?/span>

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here is a link to the older version of this web page describing my duties before march of 2003.


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here? an excerpt from my last annual review at condor:?"tim's time management and organization skills are excellent.?tim has very good problem solving skills and good oral and written communication skills.?tim keeps managers and coworkers informed about the status of our information systems.?judged by the bottom line results, tim did great.?tim's employees have done an outstanding job over the past year.?tim made real progress this year in working as a team with is personnel from mexicali.?tim is a good delegator.


"i could list more examples than space allows...overall execution of condor's is plan is excellent. the quality of tim's work is very good...tim has done a great job of getting a lot of goals accomplished over the last year, of really getting things done, and not confusing effort with results.?tim clearly understands how important it is that the network be available 100% of the time and performs major work after hours and weekends to minimize risk and system downtime."


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craig reynolds, it director, condor power electronics group

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links to five interesting stories that demonstrate skills i utilized while at condor:


1. getting the job at condor

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2. writing crystal reports at condor

3. change in leadership at condor

4. harold refuses a project

5. getting fired from condor

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this is part of the online resume of tim malone, mcse at http://3tcm.net or https://3tcm.com



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