tim malone, mcse?camarillo, ca?(818) 257-0513????????? tim@3tcm.com

?span style='font-family:"arial",sans-serif;color:red'>over 30 years of managed expertise in computer technology?span style='mso-tab-count:1'>?index

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carson industries ?plastics manufacturing


note: carson industries is long gone ?acquired and absorbed by oldcastle long ago


as the information systems administrator at carson industries, i successfully managed a $250,000 new technology implementation project.?i wrote the requests for proposals, awarded the contracts, and managed the capital expenditure process from start to finish.

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i took this multi-plant manufacturing company from a single novell server with 56k leased lines and no email system to multiple nt and citrix servers with t1 lines, cisco routers, checkpoint firewall-1 and ms exchange server 5.5.


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i personally managed the project, including all vendor relations, user training, upper management reporting and database conversion.?i functioned as the bottom-line support for all infrastructure related problems in this multi-vendor environment.

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i was responsible for information security, database integrity, disaster recovery, network operations, server administration and management of the staff.?i wrote the strategic plan for the department and kept all system documentation up to date.


link to technical addendum with specific hardware and software supported at carson.


excerpts from annual review: ?he most obvious strength is that tim has successfully completed the critical tasks that he was given.?tim is very good at managing multiple projects.?throughout the year, tim managed dozens of projects, system bugs and user issues simultaneously while maintaining consistent priorities.?tim, in part due to good organizational skills, get projects completed and issues solved quickly.?i have been impressed with how well the issues and solutions have been documented.?tim has good technical skills and has solved many hardware / software issues without or with minimal vendor assistance.?tim is very good at dealing with users.?i have received compliments on his ability to help the users in a positive way; the user? problem is solved without the user feeling intimidated, belittled or too frustrated.?/p>



as i was completing a six-month data conversion contract for a previous employer, i began to send out resumes.?carson had placed an ad in the la times and i responded.?they were about a mile from my house so i dropped off my resume about thanksgiving time.


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i didn? hear back from them so i wrote it off and continued my search elsewhere.?i was surprised when i received a call from the hr manager just before christmas saying they would like to meet with me just after the new year.

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in an awesome series of three interviews, i was offered the job on the spot and began work a week later.?i had just finished up the documentation for my previous project and was happy to have a new job to start the new year.


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i later found out that my prospective employer had not interviewed anyone else for the position.?my boss said he thought my resume was a joke because it perfectly matched the job requirements he had outlined.?it was a good fit from the start.


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carson had just committed to a major upgrade project in preparation for y2k and needed an experienced system administrator.?i had both the novell and nt background they were looking for as well as the recent macola experience.


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it was a major undertaking to install and configure five compaq proliant nt servers.?one was to be the main accounting system file server for the company.?we configured it with 1gb of memory and 80gb of raid storage.

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two of the servers were citrix servers to support our three remote manufacturing facilities.?the fourth server was our ms exchange server 5.5 and the fifth was our checkpoint firewall one server to be our gateway to the internet.

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i also later installed a sixth server to run surfcontrol internet filtering and monitoring software.?at the same time we installed new cisco routers and 3com switches.?i wish i had taken a picture of all the servers, routers and switches in their new racks.


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the whole project took two months to install and six months to fine-tune.?we had to plan our cutover from the old novell server very carefully.?i did several test conversions of the data before firing everything up one monday morning.

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since there is such a big difference between macola 6.2 and macola 7.5, i coordinated several weeks of on-site classroom training for the key system users with our macola var.?the training paid off.?it was a glitch-free switchover.


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the next six months were spent upgrading all the workstations throughout the company, including each of the three plants.?in all, i replaced probably 30 workstations the first year and another 40 or 50 the second year ?all gateway product.


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at the start of the second year i cashed in on a promise when i was hired that the company would pay for my mcse certification.?i attended ms ctec classes every evening for two or three months then continued to study on my own for the rest of the year.

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while taking the mcse training i met and hired the brightest guy in the class to be my assistant.?dan took on the job of supporting the end-users with the endless ?y printer won? print,?and ? can? find my file?questions.


i spent the rest the year planning the switch from one long-distance carrier (qwest) to another (sprint).?our wan network outages were getting more and more frequent and our service response time from qwest was getting worse.


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after getting the required quotes from all the major carriers (at&t, mci worldcom, uunet, cable & wireless, etc), i was able to cut our monthly bill by over a third, combining our wan, long-distance and internet access with one carrier.


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part time eveningChapter 10: Online Englishonline work from home part time jobs for students

about this time dsl was becoming very popular so i added a second internet gateway at about one fifth the cost of the five t1? we had.?i only wish some of our other plants were closer to the central offices so we could have put dsl there as well.


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after two years of managing technology projects, i was putting together the strategic plan for the next year when i received a call from a headhunter looking for someone with my macola expertise to help a struggling manufacturer out in oxnard.


i listened out of courtesy and, in an attempt to blow him off, suggested that the only way i would consider the move would be if the company would pay all relocation costs, a 10% raise and a generous signing bonus.?they had a fairly urgent and unmet need and i was able to help them meet it.

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