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note: these are quotes from publicly available web pages.?i know nothing about any of these events.?my association with libby was a positive one both at softeam and at kenfil.?she was fair and honest in our business dealings.?i enjoyed working with her in the early days of the software distribution industry.


here? a little more background on libby that made her somewhat infamous when she was younger:??n 1980, libby was convicted of extortion for attempting to blackmail her uncle, a us senator in order to gain access to finances:?elizabeth eagleton weigand today was given on indeterminate sentence that could result in a maximum term of four and a half years for an extortion attempt against her uncle, senator thomas f. eagleton. federal district judge h. kenneth wangelin said that mrs. welgand's sentencing would be turned over to the united states parole comission under the young adult offender act. mrs. welgand is 24 years old. her former attorney, stephen poludniak, was sentenced to four years tn prison and three years probation for conspiring to extort $220,000 from the eagleton family business, the missouri pipe fittings company, days before the august primary election. mr. eagleton, democrat, won nomination and was re-elected last month. mr. poludniak testified that he and mrs. weigand had tried to blackmail mr. eagleton with a fictitious document accusing him of being bisexual in order to force him to buy back mrs. weigand's stock.?/p>


?he went on to become a former executive with digital lightwave, along with her ?ousin in law?doug weigand, who died in a one-car traffic accident outside the corporate offices in the late 1990s. libby also worked at digl, according to the following bio from an sec filing: ms. weigand has been executive vice president since september 1994. prior to joining the company, from august 1992 to september 1994, ms. weigand served as administrator of a private health care concern. from march 1991 to august 1992, ms. weigand was director of sales at kenfil distribution, inc., a software distributor. at kenfil, she managed a staff of regional sales managers and account executives, restructured the sales and operations divisions and helped negotiate national contracts with companies such as packard bell, wordperfect corporation, and borland international.?span style='mso-spacerun:yes'>?you can read more on this on various sites on the internet.?here? a link to libby? web page (current as of as of 11/30/01): http://myreligion.scientologist.net/libbyweigand.



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