Tim Malone, MCSE - Camarillo CA - 818-257-0513 - tim at 3tcm.net
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 ! Contact information for Tim Malone, MCSE


Tim resides in Camarillo which is near Ventura in Southern California

He is currently providing IT consulting services to a former employer

However, you can find Tim on Linked-In, Indeed and several other sites

Contact to discusss employment opportunities via email: tim at 3tcm.net

(also tmalonemcse@gmail.com) or cell 818-257-0513 (try texting first)

You may also reach Tim's newer Wordpress site at https://3tcm.com 

 !  Tips on what Tim is looking for:

Tim is seeking regular, full-time employment

He performs consulting and contract work

In the Ventura county area (Southern California)

His focus is on VMWare and Microsoft

He loves to administer networks and servers

He occasionally provide tech support for friends

in the evenings or on the weekends

Feel free to email or text with questions

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