change in leadership at condor


situation:?the parent company of condor power supplies, sl industries was involved in a nasty proxy fight that culminated in a hostile takeover by new management.?within a few months we began to receive signals that change was imminent at our company.?sure enough, we shortly had visitors from a sister company, teal electronics who announced that they had been placed in charge of certain departments of our company, taking them away from the president.


problem: my boss, who also had hired me was removed from his position as director of it and placed in a sales engineering role.?i no longer reported to an onsite manager and was given a task list that was far more than i could reasonably be expected to complete in the time required.?my emphasis on the company information systems (our mrp software) diminished and my focus was instead directed to be placed on infrastructure.?i had not been involved in the day to day management of the lan, wan, servers or desktop support in the 2 years i had been there.


action: rather than resist the change, i accepted it, adapted my workload to accommodate the new assignments and petitioned the new management for a network engineer to make up for the loss of the director is it, who had been administering all the servers and the wan himself.?i dove into the tasks i had been given, completing them one by one and regularly reporting the results to my new off-site manager via email.?i made a point of making sure that all the tasks i was assigned were completed, thus ensuring that my new manager achieved his objectives.


results: i was successful in getting authority to hire a network engineer who quickly tackled all our wan and server problems while i focused on the multitude of projects i had been assigned.?i was assigned responsibility for all desktop support (180 workstations), network management, 25 servers, our wan connectivity and dozens of special projects, some involving work with multiple vendors.?i continued to complete the original job functions for which i was hired (mainly managing our mrp system) and now managed a staff of four in the it department.


ten skills i demonstrated effectively with my response to this situation:


1. adaptability ?change is constant, but this was a radical change and entirely different from what i was originally hired to do.?no problem.?i adapted and was successful in my new job.

2. change management ?i demonstrated that i could help others through the change as i was assigned supervisory responsibility for the other team members in the is department.

3. interviewing ?i successfully interviewed six candidates for the network engineer position and selected the most qualified based on objective and demonstrated pre-determined criteria.

4. hiring ?in addition to hiring the network engineer, i interviewed and was about to hire an mrp specialist when the decision and the position was transferred to our mexico plant.

5. mentoring ?i worked with the it staff in developing their skills, especially in the customer service area.?i also assigned my staff to participate in quarterly management presentations.

6. training ?i ensured that cross-training occurred and encouraged leadership development.?i also trained the desktop support staff in resolving networking and server issues as they came up.

7. supervising ?i demonstrated supervisory skills as i directed the work load of my staff and ensured that projects were completed in a timely manner, adding resources as needed.

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8. project management ?at one time i was managing literally dozens of different projects, moving each of them forward a little bit each day in between regular daily support activities.

9. budgeting ?i participated in the budgeting process each year, submitting requests for projects and new equipment that would benefit the company, providing roi analysis and justification.

10. delegation ?i consistently delegated tasks to the appropriate staff member according to their area of expertise and their assigned responsibilities while maintaining ultimate responsibility.

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