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?span style='font-family:arial;color:red'>over 30 years of managed expertise in computer technology?span style='mso-tab-count:1'>?????index


accounting support specialist


while i am not an accountant, i have been working with and supporting financial accounting systems for about twenty years.?i consider myself especially proficient at getting data in and out of those financial systems to seamlessly share with other applications.?during the last seven years i have been supporting manufacturing systems software including mrp & erp as it integrates into the financial system.


i am a certified accounting system administrator, specializing in the macola progression series from exact software.?the majority of my recent experience has been in macola.?i have conducted training classes and provided one-on-one help-desk support on most modules of macola for about five years.?i have been and continue to be the bottom-line internal system administrator for the finance and manufacturing systems that run the business.


for three years, i supported a package called khalsa accounting from kis, which runs under the metropolis database on an alpha micro operating system (amos).?i have supported many other systems including genesys from point four data, written in unibasic as well as thoroughbred accounting, mas90, systems plus, mai, basis international and other business basic flavors.?a large portion of my time is spent in generating custom reports in crystal reports.


starting in late 2003, i began supporting mfg/pro from qad out of carpenteria, ca.?it uses the progress 4gl database and sql-92 with odbc 4.2.?i was part of the team that evaluated and chose mfg/pro from among many systems that we evaluated.?we went with qad because it was the best fit for our business.?the implementation was done in record time ?just under four because> ?macola 6.2, progression 7.5 & kis (khalsa acctg).

jan 99 to jan 01 ?24 months - jan 99 to jan 01 ?24 months - carson ?macola 6.2 & progression 7.5.

jul 98 to dec 98 ?6 months - brandon ?macola progression 7.5, genesys.

aug 95 to oct 97 ?27 months ?brandon ?genesys from point four data.

nov 90 to apr 95 ?54 months - price books ?das3 on as/400 & custom package i wrote in clipper.

oct 88 to oct 90 ?24 months - kenfil ?dmas on as/400.?sales support on cyma, mba & others.

jul 88 to sep 88 ?3 months - computerland ?sales support on peachtree, accpac, great plains, etc.

jul 87 to dec 87 ?6 months - keydata ?source code for champion acctg system ?business basic.

feb 84 to dec 84 ?10 months - acs ?source code for a cp/m-based acctg system ?ms compiled basic.

jun 81 to sep 82 ?15 months - delphi ?systems plus, open systems & custom dbase applications.

mar 80 to jun 81 ?15 months ?computermart ?custom package in applesoft for iga insurance.


total ?230 months ?over 19 years


from my software sales background, i am familiar with features and benefits of accounting systems from peachtree, accpac, great plains, epicor, flexware, champion, cyma, mba, open systems, realworld, syspro and several others that are no longer in business.


this online resume can be reached at or


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