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onewhoiswatching posted: "The Mauricio Berger drama continues. In the last post I mentioned that Bob, Joseph and Roberta have all distanced themselves from Mauricio Berger. Bob and Roberta both seem to view his movement as a scam from the beginning. Joseph F. Smith on the other h"

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The Uniting of the Brazilian Gold Plates Church with the Snufferite Church and the Reincarnation of Joseph Smith

by onewhoiswatching

The Mauricio Berger drama continues.

In the last post I mentioned that Bob, Joseph and Roberta have all distanced themselves from Mauricio Berger. Bob and Roberta both seem to view his movement as a scam from the beginning.

Joseph F. Smith on the other hand must continue to find validity in the original claims of Mauricio and the sealed portion that has been published. To do otherwise would put his own calling in jeopardy. Hence, he is simply claiming that Mauricio has overstepped his bounds and that his group has become a cult.

He has not missed a beat in moving forward in establishing his own position and church here in the states. One of the most interesting developments in his movement is that he has called to the apostleship, by revelation, a registered sex offender.

I make no judgments about this man's past challenges. I simply mention this event because legally, this man is prohibited geographically and demographically as to where he can go and who he can talk to. It just seems that this would be problematic in his apostolic responsibilities when he is preaching the gospel and calling people to repentance.

This simply strikes me as an odd thing.

The meeting to sustain this man is quite an interesting one for those who desire to follow the drama because a woman showed up to challenge his calling.

John Pratt

Just when we were all breathing a sigh of relief to find out that Bob, Joseph, Roberta, and their respective associates and followers had all rejected Mauricio Berger as being a valid representative of God, John Pratt decides to pick up the torch and put another shot of hope in the movement.

I had been told weeks ago that John Pratt's article claiming that reincarnation was a foundational aspect of Christianity, was published for the purpose of priming the pump before he flew down to Brazil to speak on the topic at the first worldwide conference of this new cult.

While attempting to connect the dots based on what my sources are telling me, it appears as if John Pratt was to provide the doctrinal context for an announcement from Mauricio that he is the reincarnation of Joseph Smith Jr. (No surprise there, more on that later)

I just got the following comment on my blog by a reader:

I really like John Pratt, not that I agree with him on this stuff but I feel like he's a sincere person doing his best, so I've been watching his website to see if he'd change his mind on this.

Not at all.

From his post "Lehi's Path to the Tree of Life"

"It is my report that Mauricio is indeed a seer (Mosiah 8:15-17). When he addressed the audience, his face shone and his words came directly from the Spirit. It was reminiscent of the descriptions of the power with which Joseph Smith himself spoke."

His post is actually endorsing both Denver and Mauricio as dual prophets with different roles.

I don't think any of us have questioned the sincerity of John Pratt, it is his sanity that we are concerned about.

I do not know for sure if in fact John Pratt spoke on the topic of reincarnation at the conference, nor do I know for sure if Mauricio has publicly claimed to be the reincarnation of Joseph Smith yet. Nevertheless, my sources have told me that Mauricio has confided to some of his closest associates that he is Joseph Smith Jr.

Jim Harmston

I want to share an experience that I had many years ago that provide context to what we are experiencing with some of the false prophets that have emerged in recent years.

I believe it was during the tail end of the 80"s or perhaps in the early 1990's that I had this experience.

One day a man by the name of Jim Harmston showed up at my house in Holiday Utah and knocked on my door.

He introduced himself to me and informed me that we had a mutual acquaintance who had told him about me. The acquaintance was a fellow I had known on my mission and continued to stay in contact with. (this old missionary acquaintance is now deceased)

I had heard of Jim and some of the claims he had been making and the drama that took place and the transition he went through as the church began to take action against him while he lived in Ogden Utah.

I invited Jim into my home and he spent the first hour telling all about the Lamanite rock art he and his network of friends had discovered and translated throughout Utah and a few other states. He also spoke of the spiritual manifestations that he and his group of initiates had experienced as they would climb mountains and perform their temple rites in the "true order of prayer".

Eventually he informed me that he was in the process of leaving the Ogden area and moving to Manti Utah where he and many of his like-minded friends planned to revitalize the apostate church and eventually establish Zion.

He then tried to flatter me and tell me about all the wonderful things he had heard about me asked if I would join them in their quest to bring the church out from under the condemnation that it was under and prepare them for Zion.

At this point I began to inform him that Zion was not going to be created by an organic, grass roots, bottom-to-top movement.

It would be a top-to-bottom movement led by God through a prophet of God.

The Lord is going to be giving very definitive instructions and commandments through his anointed prophet who would speak with power and authority. It would be an exact type of what began to take place during Joseph Smith's ministry before the church became condemned and delivered over to Satan.

He then quickly changed gears and agreed with me and informed me that he had been called to be the new dispensational prophet.

I then shared with him many of the 15+ revelations, prophecies, dreams and patriarchal blessings that all testified that Joseph Smith Jr. is the man that God will use to bring forth the sealed portion and establish Zion. He was not going to be replaced in the assignments that God had given him.

I testified to him that Joseph Smith Jr. was going to literally return to the earth to complete his commission.

At this point I could see that Jim was very disturbed and confused and disappointed to hear what I was saying.

I could see the wheels frantically turning in his pointed little head.

This new information seemed to throw a wrench in the works. It seemed to interfere with his religious world view and with his plans for his new movement.

Soon after that, our conversation came to an end and he departed, never to contact me again.

However, within a few months I heard from people down in Manti that Jim Harmston had declared himself to be the reincarnation of Joseph Smith!

Problem Solved!

Interestingly, Jim eventually began to graduate to even greater callings. He eventually informed people that he was Jesus Christ and then at some time after that, we declared that he was God the Father.

The fascinating thing about Jim Harmston is that there is nothing all that unique about his delusionary evolution.

Ogden Kraut's Talk at Sunstone

Shortly after the flood, Ogden Kraut gave a talk at Sunstone about the one mighty and Strong in which he shared the fact that he had personally known at least 30 people who all claimed to be the one who was mighty and strong or the Davidic Servant. Many of the more doctrinally astute among those wingnuts also claimed that they represented the reincarnation of Joseph Smith Jr.

They did this because they knew full well what the scriptures say about the return of Joseph smith to complete his prophetic commission. Claiming to be Joseph Smith Jr. brings the controversy into harmony with the scriptures. Although mainstream members of the LDS church are not commonly familiar with the prophecies relative to Joseph Smith returning, it is actually a familiar doctrine among polygamists.

When Ogden Kraut's talk was submitted and accepted by Sunstone, they asked numerous authors and scholars to be the respondent to Kraut's paper. Nobody was interested or willing. I suspect that many of those that were contacted did not want to be associated with a high profile fundamentalist like Ogden Kraut.

Someone on the board at Sunstone suggested my name, as a colorful heretic who had written about the subject and who may be willing to respond so they sent me his paper to read and asked if I would offer up a response following his presentation.

When I finished reading his talk I informed them that I would be a very poor choice to offer a critic and response because I agree with Ogden's ultimate conclusion that Joseph Smith Fr. is the servant of the vineyard that will return to the vineyard and establish Zion just as Sections 101 and 103 state that he will.

Since Ogden gave his talk at Sunstone several decades ago, I have personally known numerous other men who claimed they were the reincarnated Joseph Smith Jr.

I actually have a reader of my blog who has been telling me for years that he is Joseph Smith Jr.

And just yesterday I got the following email from yet another person


You were right. Joseph Smith was going to return.

My eyes have been opened. I am Joseph, and all the other great prophets too. I am the gathering of Israel. I AM also the Christ, and so are you, just like everybody else is Christ inside. My purpose is to wake us all up of this reality and help us ascend.

If you ever want to meet to discuss my message, I would be happy to.

I am publishing most of the revelations on Facebook, but will eventually put up a website too.

Here is one you may find interesting:

I don't know for sure if this is a spoof or if this guy has also contracted the delusional spirit like so many others.

Getting back to the topic of Mauricio.

Who is the Real Doctrinal Mastermind behind the Curtain?

I have been given one of the preliminary revelations called "The Words of Moroni" that was instrumental in deceiving Joseph F. Smith into Mauricio's scheme. You can read it  at the following link Mauricio WOM 1 to 112 working.

There are several very telling bloopers in it that I will not take the time to elaborate on at this time. Nevertheless you can see how compelling it might be to someone not intimately familiar with the truth and the not having the spirit of discernment.

As I was speaking to one of my contacts in Missouri that has been following this thing closely I said to him that I did not feel that Maurcio has the depth of scriptural understanding to create the above mentioned document and the sealed portion that has been published. Whoever has done that is intimately familiar with certain prophetic passages of scriptures. Additionally, they are familiar with my blog and many other fringe LDS blogs because topics discussed on those blogs have been intertextually integrated into the narratives.

My contact informed me that Mauricio has a very good attorney friend named Joao Vendemiatti who seems to be doing most of the apologetics in behalf of Mauricio on the facebook discussions.

Hmmm. Could it be that the true doctrinal mastermind of this deception is being outed?

John Pratt is Impressed with Supernatural Proof
of Mauricio's Divine Calling

John Pratt states that he knows that Mauricio is a true prophet because "When he addressed the audience, his face shone.."

Here we go again.

Does that sound familiar?

One of the most compelling proofs of Brigham Young's divine calling is very similar.

One thing we have previously covered in this blog is that true prophets must be discerned through the spirit of discernment by the accuracy of their doctrinal content, not by perceived supernatural phenomena.

Pratt continues to opine upon other reasons he knows that Mauricio is a true prophet including the fruits that he displays.

He says: "What are the signs of a true prophet? There are many, such as producing good fruits… " He noted that Maruicio and his followers "had true love for each other".

That is one of the things that Joseph and Bob both were impressed with when they had initially been deceived.

I am not sure that Mauricio's newly estranged wife would agree with the Christ-like love that has been displayed. My sources inform me that one of the fruits of Mauricio's work is his interest in other women and his estrangement and subsequent divorce from his wife.

I am hearing that Mauricio has identified a young woman in Brazil as one of his future wives and that she is leaving her husband for this reason.

Another Romantic Entanglement

Apparently when one of the American enthusiasts flew down to meet Mauricio, she and Mauricio became quite taken with each other as well. It appears as if Mauricio felt this person was a soul-mate of his and perhaps a future polygamous wife.

This little romance was so offensive to Mauricio's wife that she withdrew to her bedroom and refused to participate in the festivities. Since that time, Mauricio and his wife have become separated and I am not sure if the divorce has been finalized yet or not. John Pratt, if you are reading this, perhaps you can fill us in on the details.

I apologize for sounding like the national enquirer with all of this he said, she said silliness, but when people choose to make claims that put themselves in the spotlight and then keep their dealings secretive, those who are trying to follow the story are left to snoop around getting the details however they can.

I invite any of the people involved in this Payten Place drama to correct me where I am wrong. I will be happy to acknowledge any incorrect information in this post.

Will the Snufferites and Bergerites Eventually Merge?

One of the really confusing things about John Pratt's message to the world is that Mauricio Berger and Denver Snuffer are both true prophets of God with their own different and distinct dispensations. All of this notwithstanding the fact that they refuse to acknowledge each other as being divinely called of God.

Even more perplexing is that God himself is refusing to reveal to either one of these self-proclaimed prophets that a valid, yet separate and distinct leader is doing a different work at the same time.

John Pratt assures us that these two prophets do not compete against each other because Denver is focusing on building a temple while Mauricio is not.

The assignments of David (Denver Snuffer) and Mauricio appear to be different. David is attempting to gather a people who are covenanting directly with God, without starting a church. His principal assignment seems to be to prepare them to build a temple in which the highest ordinances of the fulness of the priesthood can be performed… In contrast, Mauricio said he will not be building a temple, but is revitalizing the Church started by Joseph Smith. Thus, their assignments do not appear to compete with each other, but instead to work together to prepare to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ!

John conveniently neglects to mention that both parties have the goal of establishing Zion. This being the case, one would think that the Lord would combine both efforts, or at the very least, inform each prophet that there is another prophet doing the same work of establishing Zion

Nevertheless, one has to wonder if John Pratt will become successful in brokering a religious partnership between the Snufferites with the Bergerites. At this point in time it appears that John Pratt is the only one that is taking the double-minded approach to accepting the conflicting authority and narratives that each prophet is claiming.

Will there be more drama in the future before this movement dies a painful death?


We live in interesting times when false prophets are acting out the preliminary scenes that must take place just prior to the return of the real deal.

Keep Watching


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