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Apr 83 to Feb 84 Ė Management Systems Corporation, Salt Lake City, UT.Sold computer systems and provided computer consulting services for several local businesses. Also held a couple of other non computer-related sales positions during this year in Utah, including work as a registered private detective, a collection agent and even selling cheese.


You wonít find anything about Management Systems Corporation on the internet these days.I know because Iíve looked many times.Maybe someday someone will post something that will be helpful in telling the story of MSC.I joined the company at a time when they had both a large consulting service and several retail computer stores in the Salt Lake area.


MSC was owned by Deseret Management Corporation, a subsidiary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.It provided the computer services needed for the fast growing church in the 1970ís.In 1978 the Church divested itself of many business ventures, including MSC.Many of the functions being provided by MSC were absorbed into the Church IS department while the Industry Systems Division, which I worked for, was sold and continued itís consulting and computer sales work for many years.


I was only with MSC for about a month.I had interviewed with the Church and thought I had a job with them so I moved my family up to Salt Lake in March of 1983.Unfortunately, in my naivetť I did not get a written offer.When I showed up for work, I was surprised when I was told that the position I had interviewed for had been filled internally.The person I interviewed with felt bad for me so he called one of his contacts at the MSC retail store across the street in the mall and asked them to hire me which they did.

A memorable event during my tenure at MSC was the great Salt Lake floods in the late spring (May) of 1983.To the right is a picture from near South Temple looking down State street.It was a few blocks from the MSC store.I got to help place sandbags to keep the State Street river (City Creek) on the street and away from the businesses.


I worked in the store demonstrating Apple computer systems and began training to teach computer classes in their education center.While at the store I met a very interesting individual who needed some computer consulting and offered me a job.I worked for the next month or two for Roger S Lefevre, president and owner of the Consolidated Companies, a very small shell of a company that was the result of many years of losses in his business ventures.


Roger has a very colorful business / financial history from his very early days and someday when I have more time Iíll share it.Believe it or not, I became a registered private detective in Salt Lake and helped Roger investigate several cases.But for the most part I fixed up his computer systems that had broken down and configured his modems and telecommunications software.Roger is now the Executive Vice President of Target Interact, a teleservices company located in Salt Lake.


Just before my son was born, my wife and I moved to Logan and I took a job as a collection agent, which I did not enjoy but it helped pay the bills.I confess I spent too much time in skip tracing (the detective and researcher in me coming out) and not enough time on the phone harassing deadbeats which is what this collection agency seemed to specialize in.I did not stay with the collection agency very long as my brother-in-law offered me a position selling cheese for a company he was starting.


No, I had never sold cheese before but I knew how to sell.I spent the next six months going from store to store leaving samples and price lists.I built up quite a clientele and was just beginning to see some success when we decided to move back to California.I wanted to get back to the computer industry and was sure we would have better success finding work there.Sure enough, I found a job as a computer programmer and instructor at ACS the first day I started looking after we got back to California.


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