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Over 30 years of managed expertise in computer technology                        INDEX


I have been working with Microsoft products since 1978.  That was the year I started programming in AppleSoft, which was Apple’s Basic written by Microsoft.  I also spent a year programming in Microsoft Basic under CP/M on KayPro computers in 1983.


Supporting Microsoft operating systems is how I have made my living since MS-DOS 2.0 was introduced in 1983.  I have worked extensively with and supported Windows since it was introduced in 1985 along with the first WYSIWYG word processor, Aldus PageMaker 1.0.


I have been the technical support administrator for Microsoft products for hundreds of end-users for almost as long as I can remember.  I love operating systems, especially Windows and have been a tinkering under the hood of Windows most all my career.


My expertise is across all Windows products including Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT 3.5 & 4.0, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP and XP Pro.


I have been supporting Windows Servers since 1995 and am especially proficient on NT 4.0 Server and 2000 Server as well as both versions of Terminal Server and Citrix WinFrame and Metaframe, whose products I have also been supporting since they were first released.


Although I have been a network administrator since 1984, most of my LAN management experience was under Novell Netware until Microsoft entered the market in 1993.  I was a network administrator long before network administrators were certified.


I finally bit the bullet and decided to get certified as a systems engineer in 2000, which is almost 16 years after I first started working with networks.  I completed over 200 hours of classroom instruction and studied almost as long in preparation for the six tests.


I feel comfortable designing and supporting both local and wide area networks using products from Microsoft and other key vendors such as Cisco, CheckPoint, Citrix, etc.  I am currently preparing for advanced certification in Windows 2000 server products.


I have also been supporting MS Office products since at least 1995.  I completed over 120 hours of training in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access, including advanced features of each product.  Prior to that I had been supporting WordPerfect extensively for about five years.


In addition to supporting Microsoft desktop and server operating systems and the office suite, I have used and can support several pieces of MS Application software such as MS Works, MS Project, and Visio.  While I have not received any formal training in IIS, I have been using it for several years and run my own web server on IIS in my home office.


Here are the classes I completed from the local CTEC - Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center:


070-098           Implementing and supporting Windows 98                                                       

070-073           Implementing and supporting NT Workstation 4.0

070-067           Implementing and supporting NT Server 4.0

070-068           Implementing and supporting NT Server 4.0 in the Enterprise

070-059           Internetworking with TCP/IP on NT Server 4.0

070-081           Implementing and supporting Exchange Server 5.5


This online resume can be reached at http://www.3tcm.net or http://3tcm.dock.net