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Keydata Technology Group – Computer Discount Centers


Jul 87 to Dec 87 - Systems Analyst – Keydata Technology Group.  Did contract computer programming in Clipper Summer 87 (a dBASE compiler).  Wrote a complete inventory control system for an orthopedic surgeon which tracked all implants for each surgery with associated lot and serial numbers.  Also advised and assisted management with business plan to open chain of Computer Discount Centers in the Inland Empire.


After a great run with Computer Technology, a retail computer store in Claremont CA, I accepted an offer to join an established but fast-growing computer business in Ontario CA.  KeyData was a husband and wife business that had been around for a long time providing data entry and computer consulting services in the Inland Empire.  KeyData moved to Rancho Cucamonga to open the first of a chain of retail computer stores selling their own brand of clone computer – the KeyPC.  Over the next 6 months KeyData opened several other locations, including one in the high desert community of Victorville.


My position with Keydata was to help fund the new stores by providing the consulting and programming services which were still the bread and butter of the business.  My title and position was Systems Analyst and my work consisted mainly of meeting with prospective and established clients to develop needed business systems.  In other words, I did analysis, design and custom programming.  The rapid development tool of the day was dBASE, and I employed a third-party compiler, Clipper from Nantucket which had just released a new version in the summer of 87.  Hence it was entitled Clipper Summer 87.


A major project during this time was to develop an inventory control system for an orthopedic surgeon.  It was unique in that for each surgery, a kit had to be assembled consisting of multiple sizes of implants.  This kit had to be tracked in great detail (lot and serial numbers).  While only one size implant was used, my program allowed the doctor and his staff to know instantly where any piece of equipment was, in which hospital for which surgery and when the unused implants were returned.  I was looking into bar-coding the whole process when my tenure with KeyData came to an end.


KeyData had expanded so fast and burned up so much cash in opening the three new retail computer stores that they completely outstripped their available resources.  In other words, they sank too much into the stores which were not yet breaking even and did not have the cash flow to pay the existing business expenses (I was one of them).  It’s a good thing my friend Bob Shumate called me up and offered me a position at Kenfil because KeyData was forced to close it’s doors just a short time after I left them.


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