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crystal reports designer


i have been creating crystal reports for more than five years since 1998.?the majority of the reports i generated over the years pulled data from a macola btrieve database. since august of 2001 i have been pulling data from odbc data sources, usually ms access databases that i created from exported data files.?i have been writing sql queries using microsoft? jet sql in both access and crystal, but the same logic could be applied to ms sql server queries or oracle sql queries.?starting in late 2003 i began writing reports that pulled from a progress 9.1d database using sql-92 into qad mfg/pro data files.


here are some of the types of reports i have written:

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?span style='font:7.0pt "times new roman"'>       bookings ?ummaries & details by model, by date, by market, by customer.

?span style='font:7.0pt "times new roman"'>       backlog ?by market, by model, by date, by territory, by customer.

?span style='font:7.0pt "times new roman"'>       shipping history ?invoice registers, summaries by customer, by market.

?span style='font:7.0pt "times new roman"'>       commissions ?by salesrep, by territory, by market, by model.

?span style='font:7.0pt "times new roman"'>       accounts receivable ?customer lists, ar aging summaries & detail.

?span style='font:7.0pt "times new roman"'>       accounts payable ?vendor listings, ap aging summary & detail.

?span style='font:7.0pt "times new roman"'>       general ledger ?chart of accounts, trial balance, departmentals.

?span style='font:7.0pt "times new roman"'>       inventory ?stock status, valuation reports, by location, model, etc.

?span style='font:7.0pt "times new roman"'>       workorders ?open, closed, costed, past due, etc.

?span style='font:7.0pt "times new roman"'>       bill of material ?gross requirements, indented & costed bills, where used.

?span style='font:7.0pt "times new roman"'>       master schedule ?firm plan summary & details, component shortages.

?span style='font:7.0pt "times new roman"'>       purchasing ?open & closed po?, summaries & details, cancellations.

?span style='font:7.0pt "times new roman"'>       receiving ?by vendor, by date, by model, by location, ppv reports.

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?span style='font:7.0pt "times new roman"'>       rma? ?open, received, closed, costed and uncosted.


click here for a very detailed list of specific reports in the above categories.


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click here for a list of reports that i created for use at condor.


this online resume can be reached at http://www.3tcm.net or http://3tcm.dock.net


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