Tim Malone, MCSE - Camarillo CA - 818-257-0513 - tim at 3tcm.net
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 ! Contact information for Tim Malone, MCSE


Tim resides in Camarillo which is near Ventura California

He is a Network Administrator at Canoga Perkins in Chatsworth

You can find Tim on Dice, Linked-In and several other sites

The best way to contact him is via email: tim at 3tcm.net

or via his cell phone at 818-257-0513 (try texting first)

Thanks for understanding and reviewing Tim's career site

 !  Tips on what Tim is looking for:

I am not currently in the job market

I am focusing on a new full-time position

At Canoga Perkins in Chatsworth

My focus is on VMWare and Microsoft

I love to administer networks and servers

I occasionally provide tech support for friends

in the evenings or on the weekends

Feel free to email or text with questions

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