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Over 30 years of managed expertise in computer technology INDEX


Information Technology Manager Feb 05 to present

Avjet Corporation, a private Jet Charter company in Burbank, CA


Note: Avjet Corporation is no more. Their charter operations were bought out by Jet Aviation (owned by Gulfstream) and moved to their new FBO at the Van Nuys airport.


Avjet CorporationLink to technical addendum with specific hardware and software supported at Avjet.


Received employee of the month award in June 2005 after four months on the job!


  • Hired to turn around a failing IT department accomplished most major objectives in less than six months
  • Created permanent connections to three remote locations to corporate network via secure Juniper Netscreen
  • Upgraded or replaced dozens of workstations to standardized Windows XP Pro, Office 2003 configuration
  • Replaced failing domain controller servers with high performance blade servers running Windows Server 2003
  • Installed anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-spyware solutions on servers and workstations throughout company
  • Evaluated, obtained and deployed BlackJack, BlackBerry and Palm Treo PDA devices for mobile email
  • Purchased and installed automatic computer auditing software to keep track of equipment and licenses
  • Successfully managed several contractors and vendors through multiple upgrade and installation projects
  • Recovered company from catastrophic Exchange Server failure resulting in upgrade to Enterprise edition
  • Provided support for packaged software: MAS/500, Flight OS, Flight Explorer, Aircraft Cost Evaluator


Here is a specific list of a couple dozen things I do as the IT Manager of Avjet Corporation.


Here is a list of common questions I get that represent common problems I manage.


Here is a copy of the Support Response Guidelines I drafted when I came on board.


Here is the complete list of policies and procedures I formulated and enforce at Avjet.


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