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ACS Computer Systems – Small Retail Computer Store


Feb 84 to Dec 84ACS Computer SystemsMontclair, CA.  Microcomputer Programmer & Computer Instructor.  Helped program a multi-store inventory control system for Sav-On Drug Stores in compiled MS BASIC on Kaypro computers. Taught classes in MS BASIC, WordStar, dBASE II & a spreadsheet called MicroPlan on Kaypro computers.  Sold multi-user Molecular computers.  Also worked for ACS Computer Services in Chino selling Kaypro and Altos computers to local businesses on straight commission for a few months.


ACS was an interesting gig from the early days of my career.  I had just moved back to California after a dismal year in Utah (career-wise).  My wife and I had moved to Utah to be close to her family and to pursue an opportunity with the Church that didn’t work out.    The first week back in California I opened up the yellow pages to the section on computer stores and called the first store on the list.  The receptionist Adelle Hughes said, “Why, yes, we do have a job opening.  Talk to Jerry” and she put me right through.  After a brief chat with the owner, Jerry Zollinger, I came in for an interview an hour later, was hired on the spot and started the next day.


I wish all job searches were this easy.  This one was highly unusual.  I’m sure it was an answer to faith and prayers – mainly my wife’s.  Jerry was in the beginning stages of a major programming project and needed help with the day-to-day coding.  I just happened to be a pretty good Basic programmer and was able to hit the ground running even though I had never coded in compiled MS Basic.  For the next six months I sat side by side with a great coder (Larry Goodwin) and churned out screen after screen of a tightly integrated and highly sophisticated multi-location inventory control system that was way ahead of it’s time.  I learned a lot from Larry.


Jerry was a great guy to work for and we kept in touch until a few years ago when I moved to Camarillo.  In addition to working on the programming project, I helped sell Kaypro and Molecular computers in the store.  On Saturdays I taught classes in beginning computer usage, BASIC programming and WordStar to all the customers who had purchased computers during the week.  Business was good and I made a lot of friends while employed at ACS.  Unfortunately, I began to think I could do better and jumped ship to go to Jerry’s competitor and former partner (also ACS – Associated Computer Services) a few miles down the road in Chino.


Associated Computer Services – Small Computer Consulting Organization


Leaving ACS was a big mistake.  Computer sales I can do, especially retail walk-in sales.  But cold-calling on businesses to sell high-end Altos systems is something that requires a lot of time to invest and a cash reserve to develop properly.  I had neither.  Gary Larson (the owner) wanted results now and after three months it became apparent to both of us that I was not the right man for the job.  He had an established clientele, good cash flow and lots of business for himself and his partners (a local CPA and a programmer) who owned the code that he and Gary sold to lots of the local farms there in the cow and dairy country of Chino.


While it is a good idea and needed for any company that wants to grow, business development is not something that can be done overnight.  Hindsight tells me that given a year and a good living wage (not a draw) I could have made it work.  Gary and I did not part on the best terms.  When we agreed to part ways, he required me to pay back every penny he had paid me for the previous three months.  It was painful and took us almost a year to pay it back but we did it.  I swore I would never work on a draw again.  I haven’t been able to find Gary’s business on the internet but see that he has been the mayor of Chino Hills off and on since 1991.


While I worked hard and learned a lot from my experience at Associated Computer Services, I wasn’t making any money so I began to search for a better gig.  I answered an ad in the LA Times for a software tester, got an interview and landed a job at Softeam, although it was not the job for which I interviewed.  I felt I had stepped up big time in my career and had a blast for the next year and a half working for one of the fastest growing software distributors in the country.  Once again, I felt the Lord had answered our prayers in landing the job at Softeam.  Maybe it sounds corny, but I truly believe the angels have had a hand in my career all my life and I’m not shy about letting people know that.


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