Tim Malone, MCSE Camarillo, CA (805) 445-4847 tim@3tcm.net

Over 30 years of managed expertise in computer technology INDEX

Programming Experience


66 months (5.5 years)

83 months (7 years)

93 months (7.8 years)


Nov 03 to Aug 04 (9 months) Crystal Reports to Progress 9.1D via ODBC 4.2 & SQL-92 at Condor

Aug 01 to Dec 03 (26 months) Crystal Reports to MS Access via ODBC & SQL at Condor

(Concurrent) d/Basic on Alpha Micro AMOS at Condor

Feb 01 to Aug 01 (6 months) Crystal Reports to Macola via P-SQL (btrieve) at Condor


Jan 99 to Feb 01 (25 months) Crystal Reports to Macola via P-SQL (btrieve) at Carson


Jul 98 to Dec 98 (6 months) database conversion to Macola and btrieve at Brandon


Aug 95 to Oct 97 (26 mos) Support for Genesys Acctg in Unibasic under SCO Unix at Brandon


Nov 90 to Apr 95 (53 months) Clipper 5.2e & dBASE III+ on MS-DOS & Novell at Price Books

(Concurrent) Query/400, PC Support/400 for DMAS on AS/400 at Price Books


Jan 88 to Oct 90 (33 months) Query/400 supporting DAS on AS/400 at Kenfil


Jul 87 to Dec 87 (6 months) dBASE III+ & Clipper 87 under MS-DOS at KeyData

(Concurrent) Business Basic custom accounting package at Keydata


Feb 84 to Aug 84 (6 months) MS Basic under CP/M on Kaypro at ACS

(concurrent) dBASE II under CP/M on Kaypro at ACS.


Oct 82 to Jan 83 (4 months) dBASE III+ on MS-DOS for IGA insurance services


Jan 81 to Sep 82 (20 months) dBASE II & FMS-80 under MP/M on Altos at Delphi Systems

(Concurrent) FORTRAN & BASIC on DEC TOPS-20 at Delphi Systems


Jul 80 to Jan 81 (7 months) Applesoft Basic for IGA insurance services on Apple II Plus.


Sep 79 to Mar 80 (7 months) BASIC & COBOL on DataPoint & Univac 90/30 at City of Hope

(Concurrent) RPG II on IBM Sys/3 Mod 15 at City of Baldwin Park


Aug 78 to Jan 80 (17 months) COBOL, RPG II, FORTRAN Basic & Assembler at MtSAC

On Xerox 530, IBM 360, IBM 1401, Apple II Plus, TRS-80

(Concurrent) Aug 79 to Jan 80 (6 months) BASIC at Citrus College


Sep 72 to Aug 73 (12 months) RPG II on IBM Sys/3 Mod 10 at Tri-Community Adult Ed

(Concurrent) COBOL on IBM Sys/3 Mod 10 at Tri-Community Adult Ed


This online resume can be reached at http://www.3tcm.net or http://3tcm.dock.net