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Some interesting memories of working for Irwin Bransky at Kenfil Distribution:


Irwin had an amazing business going with Kenfil Distribution, but had a habit of firing people who disagreed with him.  One unfortunate individual was Charlie Seiler, the Purchasing Manager.  One day we heard a lot of yelling coming from the purchasing department coming mostly from Irwin and a few minutes later Charlie exited the building with all his belongings in a box.  The story was that he was caught sleeping at his desk, but he has some more to offer:


“To correct the record...I was not fired from Kenfil just for sleeping.  I was sleeping because I didn't give a damn about a job where I had no authority, but was responsible for managing 4 people.  I also was not very fond of working for a crook, Irwin Bransky, who was later indicted for fraud related to destroying good inventory following the 1984 earthquake and trying to collect the insurance.”


A few months later, the same thing happened to Bob Shumate, VP of Sales and Marketing.  Bob had an office with a big wide glass window where he could watch all the goings on down on the sales floor.  And although we could not hear it, we could also see everything that was going on in his office.


One day Irwin slammed down the phone and jumped up out of his office which was right next door, almost ran into Bob’s office, slammed the door and began what sounded like a very agitated dialog with Bob.  Don’t know what it was about and it didn’t last long but we all heard the words, “You’re fired – get out of here” from Irwin.  Bob packed up and was gone shortly after.  This was not a good sign.  Who would be next?


For more information on Kenfil’s last days, see this page about my time there as the telemarketing sales manager.


Here is another tidbit gleaned from the internet:  Bransky – Guilty pleas in fraud related to Northridge quake.


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