Tim Malone, MCSE                 (818) 257-0513               tim@3tcm.net

Over 30 years of managed expertise in computer technology INDEX


Computer Instructor                                        Oct 82 to Apr 83

Hands On! Computer Schools, a start-up computer training organization in Claremont, CA


Joined this start-up computer training organization to teach programming classes in Atari BASIC.  Taught classes in beginning, intermediate and advanced BASIC computer programming.  Also taught an introduction to computers class using the Atari 400 and 800 computers.  Met with the owners and other instructors on a regular basis to develop new curriculum as needed.  Taught civic and governments groups, individuals and small business owners.


While this position didn’t last very long, I gained valuable experience in teaching computer classes, later augmented by my experience at ACS, which allowed me to qualify for a position as the director of training at Softeam software distribution.  Developed the ability to quickly establish rapport with the students and helped them feel comfortable with new technology in a friendly and easy-going manner.  As an experienced programmer, was able to help people who wanted to learn BASIC programming for small business or home finance applications.


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