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Computer Operator††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Apr 75 to Oct 75

Federated Sales Company, a distributor of industrial supplies in South El Monte, CA


Ran daily and monthly computing jobs on the IBM System 3 Mod 10 computer using IBM OCL.Changed disk packs as needed for each job.Ensured that card stacks were processed properly by the 96-column punched card reader.Documented computing procedures (created job flowcharts) and conducted backups on a regular basis.Distributed reports to management.Performed system preventative maintenance and maintained log of every job completed.Did some light maintenance programming of various sales reports in RPG II & OCL.


You wonít find anything about this company on the internet.I know.Iíve tried for years to find out what happened to them.Donít know the history, who started it, how long they were around or what happened to them.All I know is that it was one of my first real jobs after college and that I learned a lot about how small businesses worked there.I assume they were bought out or merged into some other larger organization a few years after I left them.The only product I remember that they distributed was Cratex rubberized silicon grinding wheels.


Donít remember how I found the job.Think I may have responded to an ad in the newspaper.Probably got the job because they were in a hurry to replace the previous operator who was leaving and I had trained on the exact same model at the ROP center and had worked on a Mod 10 (with BSCA, CCA & HASP) at college.I remember my manager was the programmer that maintained the accounting system.He tried to mentor me and encouraged me to learn more about the system.I left the company after six months to concentrate full time on my preparations to serve as a missionary for two years in Central America.


Here is a photo of an old retired System/3 that looked very similar to what I worked on at Federated.Note the line printer on the left, the 96-column card reader on the right and the multiple 5440 14-inch disk packs.They didnít hold much data (2.5MB) but they were removable and easily swapped.The disk drive readers are on the bottom right below the card reader.There are two of them in each cabinet, one fixed and one removable, one above the other.We usually kept programs on the bottom one (one each for A/R, A/P, G/L, Inventory, etc) and data on the top (one for each year).



Note: The above photo is of a model that is in computer museum in France.


Here is a link to PDFs of the IBM System/3 manuals:http://bitsavers.vt100.net/ibm/system3/


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