Tim Malone, MCSE - Camarillo CA - 818-257-0513 - tim at 3tcm.net
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 ! Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

IT Management, PC Tech Support, VMWare and Network Administration

For Camarillo - Ventura - Oxnard - Thousand Oaks - Simi Valley - Moorpark - Westlake areas.

Availability: My services are currently employed full-time by Canoga Perkins in Chatsworth.

Tech Staff Management - Network Engineers, Desktop Support

Tech Support Manager: Hiring, Mentoring & Staff Development

Project Mgmt, Team Leader, Vendor & Contract Management

Budget Administration, IT Equipment Purchasing Expertise

Asset Management, Licensing Compliance Specialist

Desktop Support, Network Admin, Helpdesk Management

Organized & Focused with Problem Solving Orientation

Teaching & Technology Training - Individual Empowerment

 !  News

Tim completes a server restore and network rebuild in record time.

When Tom Kelley, the president of the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce called with a failing server, Tim began work to save his data immediately. "I was onsite the next morning and spent the day ensuring a good backup before everything crashed." A seized fan had overheated two drives in the array, causing the server to crash.
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Tim restores networking capabilities at local Hot Tub store in Ventura.

Jim Vishnefske, owner of Coastal Softub in Ventura could not figure out why his internet connection was down. He tried everything to fix it himself. "When I came onsite, I quickly determined that Jim's firewall settings had become corrupted. A phone call to the manufacturer and I had it reconfigured and reconnected in no time."
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